To supply reliable products through private labels that generate prestige for our customers

Wax Rings

We have implemented the most advanced technology to develop and manufacture wax rings from a precise formula of petroleum-based materials, to ensure adequate consistency and a reliable seal in our final product.


We have a whole line of different models of screws, nuts, and washers, which can be used for the installation of the wax rings.

These can be included in the wax ring box or sold separately.

Plumbers Putty

We formulate our plumber’s putty to generate a perfectly waterproof seal around taps and drains. The putty remains soft and flexible, preventing gas and liquid leaks. It will also not harden, shrink, crack or crumble.



At Aztec Plumbing we consider that the success of our customers is part of our success. Our priority is to provide solutions to their needs in terms of logistics, art design, new product development, and security.



We designed a logistics network that allows us to efficiently reach our customers.



We work directly with our customers to deliver products according to their needs. We have a team dedicated to developing innovative products.

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