The products we manufacture comply with international standards – allowing us to have an important presence in the entire American continent – and are marketed under the concept of private label. We sell to the most prestigious customers and serve all distribution channels for plumbing products in the market such as: hardware stores, wholesalers, home centers, toilet manufacturers, cooperatives and more. 

Aztec Plumbing meets and follows the standards established by the C-TPAT association (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism). To ensure the integrity of our customers’ products, we have implemented specific security procedures throughout the entire supply chain.



Our products comply with the Federal Specification AA-3110 in the U.S., which establishes the required performance under different conditions for the wax formulation known as Gasket. This specification determines the consistency and performance of the wax rings, including aspects of permeability and stability in product storage.

Compliance with this standard guarantees the safety and high performance of our wax rings in their final application, both in regions with very hot and very cold climates where our products maintain their structural consistency due to their formulation.