At Aztec Plumbing we decided to make Sustainability a main axis of business transformation, directing efforts to contribute to the solution of global challenges and the well-being of our workers.

Our goal is to create shared value for all our stakeholders through innovation in our products and continuous improvement of our processes.



United Nations Global Compact

Since 2012 we have adhered to the Global Compact, adopting the 10 principles derived from the United Nations declaration on Human Rights, Labor Standards, the Environment and Anti-Corruption.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible, fueron adoptados por todos los Estados Miembros de Naciones Unidas en 2015 como un llamado universal para poner fin a la pobreza, proteger el planeta y garantizar que todas las personas gocen de paz y prosperidad para 2030.

En Aztec Plumbing, reconocemos la importancia de integrar a las empresas en el cumplimiento de la Agenda 2030, adoptando los indicadores y las metas dentro de nuestra estrategia.



Link with the Community

At Aztec Plumbing, we seek to have a positive impact on our communities. We motivate our collaborators to be an integral part to achieve sustainable communities through voluntary participation, involvement and education.

Socially Responsible Provider

In order to maintain our position as a prominent international competitor and to be a key element for the sustainability goals of our clients, we develop an approach of Continuous Improvement in terms of Social Responsibility through internal audits supported by industry standards. most important, as well as in audits by clients and third parties.

Labor Standards and Human Rights

Our collaborators are the key piece to achieve the objectives of the company, we make sure to offer and promote optimal work environments, respecting Human Rights and compliance with national and international labor standards.

  • At Aztec Plumbing we do not hire children under 18 years of age
  • We comply with policies against forced labor
  • We ensure non-discrimination and promote an environment free from harassment
  • We allow the free association of our collaborators



The pillar of the Family, the pillar of Aztec Plumbing

Since its founding, at Aztec Plumbing we decided to make women a pillar of our company.

In Mexico, women have an important role within the family and society, at Aztec Plumbing we work to facilitate their development, offering opportunities that allow them to achieve their goals, allowing them to access a decent job, with all the social guarantees determined by law and promoting a balance between personal and work life of our employees.

We focus our efforts on three priority areas for all our collaborators:

  • Health
  • Development and growth
  • Personal and Work Balance



Preserving the Environment and reducing impacts from our operations are a priority for Aztec Plumbing. We create strategies based on product innovation and continuous improvement in our processes to achieve actions that allow us to be a dynamic and environmentally responsible company.

Circular Economy

At Aztec Plumbing, we recognize the great problem that the planet suffers from waste on land and sea, we aim to promote the circular economy as much as possible within our products, adding reductions in raw materials and plastics to transform ourselves into a totally friendly company with environment.


Aztec Plumbing products are dedicated to the plumbing industry, which is completely dependent on water. We recognize the importance of caring for this resource and avoiding contaminating it.

Carbon footprint

Humanity faces a great challenge with Climate Change and its consequences, at Aztec Plumbing the control of Greenhouse Gas emissions is a priority issue in our Sustainability objectives.